Pre Wedding

Pre Wedding Shoot

A Pre wedding shoot is reached its peak point. With Couple shoot, Weddings gets more excited. A pre-wedding shoot is a perfect platform where a couple gets a chance to capture their priceless moment with beloved one before the wedding. The concept of Pre-wedding Photography is clicking the unique and stunning images at selected outdoor or indoor venues with some trending and casual outfit. Vows and tales provide commercial photography, supported by many specialists. Photographers of Vows and tales, covering a pre-wedding shoot from all accurate angles and expert in a candid shot.

Purpose of a pre-wedding photoshoot

  • The main purpose of pre-wedding photoshoot is to create a core connection between the couple and allow realizing the depth of their love.
  • Couples shoot helps to have a comfortable connection between the photographer and the couple in front of the camera.
  • Both couple and photographer can share their views on the posing styles. Also, they can discuss perfect location, shots, and angles for a pre-wedding shoot.
  • Photographer can understand the body language of the couple.
  • Couple gets a chance to spend some quality time which helps in strengthening the bond.
  • To overcome the nervousness of the camera.
  • Pre-wedding photography helps to know the photographer’s workability and creativeness.

Pre-wedding photoshoot tips

  • Selection of the perfect theme: – The selection of perfect theme for pre-wedding is quite difficult because of lots of choices. Vows and tales help in deciding an accurate theme that creates a strong impression. We have created lots of pre-wedding themes, you can select from a theme or we can suggest some creative and innovative ideas.
  • Book a photograph you love: – Every Cameraman has a unique and different way of vision through his camera. Vows and tales photographers have creativeness on their clicks and Photographer work with an assistant who helps in carrying all equipment, props, bridle’s clothing adjustment and holding reflectors. So you can choose a cameraman from vows and tales for best looks.
  • Time of photo session: – Time also plays a vital role in pre-wedding photography. Before planning wedding photography, make sure you have enough time of one or two days and choose a time of early morning and late evening. Vow and tales are very punctual and will assist you in the selection of accurate time.
  • Location: – Our cameraman never complains about the location. So you can choose locations according to your taste. If you don’t want to outside then we will arrange to shoot in the studio by using the abstract backdrops and props.

For outside venues, you can choose from below-mentioned.

  1. Park
  2. Beach
  3. Historical buildings
  4. Restaurants/Hotels
  5. Hill Stations

So you can go with Vows and tales for a great experience.